Zong Open Mobile 'Mega-Carrier' Platform Opens Mobile Application Development With Zong Developer Network

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - April 1, 2008) -

News Facts

  • Zong, the first open mobile platform provider, today announced the launch of the Zong Developer Network (ZDN) at http://developer.zong.com.
  • ZDN is the first open mobile development platform providing developers everything needed to create their own mobile applications and services, including free community source code for turn-key applications, an open API, along with simulation and testing tools.
  • Zong is also announcing a refreshed, high-level open API for the Zong Open Mobile platform that can be used in most of today's top programming languages, making it even easier to integrate newly developed mobile applications and services into the platform.
  • In addition to the new API, Zong is also releasing an API explorer that allows developers to interact with the API without having to write any code.
  • Without requiring handsets and SIM cards for each operator and country, developers can test their applications using the Zong simulation tool. This email-based tool simulates inbound and outbound text message traffic through ZDN for any carrier and country currently supported.
  • To date, mobile development has only focused on handset applications, but the network-focused ZDN enables streamlined mobile application development that connects mobile applications and services to the Zong Open Mobile Platform's 500 million global subscribers, including all major US carriers, for immediate mobile revenues easily billed to users' cell phone statements.
  • By leveraging the network-focused Zong Open Mobile Platform and Zong Developer Network tools, any publisher can develop and launch mobile revenue-generating mobile services in days, instead of months or years previously needed to deal with dozens of carriers and thousands of handsets.

Situational Analysis

  • According to a recent Portio Research report, ""Slicing up the Mobile Services Revenue Pie,"" the worldwide mobile industry will be worth $1 trillion by the close of 2008, making the opportunity of mobilizing web content more lucrative than ever.
  • Prior to Zong, the complexities of launching premium mobile services were close to insurmountable since companies looking to mobilize web content had to negotiate with individual carriers and then develop for multiple carrier technical protocols, certifications and restrictions. Further, content needed to be properly rendered for hundreds of handsets, making the launch of mobile services truly daunting.
  • The hurdles hindering mobile application development that forced developers to create individual applications for each carrier in each country, can now be overcome with ZDN and open API making mobile application development open and easy -- develop once for dozens of carriers around the world.

Zong Quote

""In the past, companies seeking to integrate web content into mobile networks had to develop specific applications for each carrier in each country, adding significant complexity to mobile application development,"" said Serge Sozonoff, vice president of Zong Engineering. ""By creating a simple, open API, coupled with a suite of free, community resources, the Zong Developer Network makes developing the right mobile application or service simple, enabling small and large web companies alike to deliver their web content to 500 million mobile subscribers around the world.""

About Zong

Zong, the first open mobile platform provider, allows developers, companies, social networks and web enterprises to launch revenue-generating mobile services in minutes. Zong solves the technical and business complexities of the closed, non-standardized mobile sector, finally making it simple to launch mobile services and applications to more than 500 million mobile subscribers worldwide. Zong is a division of Echovox, Inc, a leading multinational mobile media solutions provider servicing some of the world's largest media groups.

For more information on Zong visit http://developer.zong.com/