Zong unveils first Open Mobile Platform in the US to monetise Web Content on Mobile Devices

Open Mobile is only "mega" carrier platform reaching half a billion global subscribers across all major US and European carriers and handsets; Platform's open API enables unlimited custom mobile application development

Redwood City – Feb. 26, 2008 – Zong, the first open mobile platform provider, today announced the launch of the Zong Open Mobile Platform in the United States, allowing any publisher, corporation, media company or developer to easily create and launch revenue-generating mobile services in under 24 hours. Zong's Open Mobile Platform removes the existing complexities of launching mobile services that have prevented companies from leveraging mobile as a new revenue source.

With the Open Mobile Platform, Zong becomes the world's first ""mega"" carrier, offering a single, open interface to reach half a billion subscribers across all major US carriers, in addition to more than 50 carriers around the world. Moreover, the Platform's simple http-based open API means developers can create any mobile application they wish, developing it once for the Zong Platform to reach subscribers on all eight leading US carriers, regardless of handset type.

Before Zong, the complexities of launching premium mobile services had been close to insuperable. Until now, companies have had to negotiate with individual carriers or aggregators, then adapt to multiple carrier technical protocols, certification processes and individual restrictions. Further, content needed to be properly rendered for hundreds of handsets, making the launch of mobile services truly daunting.

With Zong's Open Mobile Platform, publishers and companies can now gain a share of the growing worldwide market for mobile content, currently valued at $20 billion, according to the Mobile Entertainment Forum. In comparison, they estimate the market for web content at only $4 billion.

""Launching mobile services in the U.S. has never been easy, until now. Since we have removed all the roadblocks, web companies can finally supplement the traditional ad-based model and tap into the $20 billion mobile content market,"" said David Marcus, CEO of Echovox. ""Zong enables the effortless launch of mobile services and applications - that are then extended to more than 500 million people around the world. No other company can monetize mobile content this way, making Zong the only true open mobile platform for both mobile development and monetization.""

Zong unlocks the potential of mobile services and then extends those services to millions of global subscribers. As an example, The Cloud, Europe's leading independent mobile wireless broadband service provider, has been able to mobilize Wi-Fi payment services to enable simple mobile phone payment, in addition to credit card payments, for Wi-Fi hot spot access across the UK and Europe. Only with Zong can The Cloud easily offer services to millions of subscribers across Europe, regardless of what carrier or handset they have or what country they find themselves in. By using Zong, The Cloud has enhanced customer service with an additional, convenient method of payment while increasing overall Wi-Fi revenues. Like The Cloud, American companies will now have access to the Zong platform to mobilize web content and services while expanding revenues.

Zong will soon unveil its turn-key applications in the United States, to accompany the Open Mobile Platform, to let web ventures and publishers immediately get started with mobile services.

About Zong

Zong, the first open mobile platform provider, allows developers, companies, social networks and web enterprises to launch revenue-generating mobile services in minutes. Zong solves the technical and business complexities of the closed, non-standardized mobile sector, finally making it simple to launch mobile services and applications. Zong is a division of Echovox, Inc, a leading multinational mobile media solutions provider servicing some of the world's largest media groups.